Time is up for ICBC. It’s time for choice.

Under ICBC’s monopoly, BC drivers pay the highest rates for auto insurance in Canada, yet receive similar amounts when they make a claim.  

It’s time for change. It’s time drivers had a choice. It’s time to make ICBC compete for our business.

Do you agree that drivers deserve choice in car insurance? Join us.

It’s simple. Competition Keeps Prices Down.

It’s a basic law of economics – competition keeps prices down. ICBC’s monopoly is costing BC drivers. And when ICBC fails, everyone pays the price.

Here’s why it’s time for change and it’s time for choice.

ICBC’s losses have cost taxpayers more than $3 billion in the last three years alone. That’s money that should be going to our schools and hospitals.
The average price of ICBC insurance is $1,832 annually. That’s hundreds more than anywhere else in Canada. In Alberta, drivers pay $500 less on average because they have a choice.
ICBC has been around for 46 years – almost half a century – yet we’re still waiting for affordable rates. It’s proof that monopolies don’t change… because they know they don’t have to.
ICBC has twice as many staff as any Canadian insurer their size.
It’s 2019, yet ICBC still hasn’t figured out how to sell its insurance online.
When drivers make a claim in BC, they receive nearly the exact same amount as drivers in Ontario and Alberta. So why does ICBC cost so much more?

Get the facts.

ICBC has had decades to figure it out. It hasn’t, and it won’t work unless forced to.

A better future is possible. One where drivers can choose whether to buy their insurance from ICBC – or from another company that can deliver the same or better insurance at a better price.

We’re ready for that future. We’re asking politicians from all parties to do something simple – make ICBC compete, and let drivers shop around and choose the car insurer that’s right for them.

Find out what that future looks like and get the facts.


Driving Choice heading to the BC Legislature, November 20th

On Wednesday, November 20, we’ll be delivering our message to the government’s doorstep. Please join us as we let our MLAs know it’s time to end ICBC’s monopoly. Your attendance will further strengthen our message.

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Driving Choice is supported by the Insurance Bureau of Canada – the national industry association representing Canada’s private home, auto, and business insurers. Other insurers are ready to compete dollar-for-dollar with ICBC to provide better insurance at a lower price.